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Giraffik is Fantastic

Mastering our craft over the last 11 years, our design and print production skills are Ultra-Fresh. We provide businesses and consumers with fantastic printed products and kick-ass wholesale pricing. We're a ski-mask with a smile and we're DEAD serious about our clients needs. People say - "Yo Giraffik, why you guys always wearing ski masks?" - Great question. It's because our secret Giraffik style is so deadly, it should be illegal.

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE? – CHECK OUR RECORD. You can view our work here or you can find us on Instagram (@giraffik_mpls). Contact us directly to discuss your next project.


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It’s like my mother used to say, if you can’t trust a bunch of guys in ski-masks, who can you trust?
— Judy C.
Fast turnaround and great work on our corp business card project. The Giraffik guys really went farther than we expected. We’ll definitely be working with them again.
— Ashley L.


52 prints - 52 weeks

Giraffik brings you 52 prints in 52 weeks. Each week we collectively swarm on a person, place or thing to vamp on. We create whatever we want - however we want. There's no time for permission so instead we just do what we do. See each weeks print on instagram by following us @giraffik_mpls.

If you're interested in us, doing you - contact us.


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Full Fantastic?

What's that all about?

Full fantastic is the name we give to our style. We all come from different backgrounds and have different interests but when we get together we form like Voltron - combining our strengths to destroy weak-ass villains. We chill in our secret lair all day and night sharpening our swords and mastering our technique. Our flash and flex are unstoppable. All those other part-time wizards can't even taste the flavor.