Giraffik | Week 2 | Duluth Coffee

On this episode of theFresh Prints: Running along today with many many an idea. Trying to catch a few with a butterfly net. In the mean time, we are running some delicious treats as a gift for Duluth Coffee Company. These are just a small token of our appreciation for the folks up North. We love to support local independent business and even more so - we flat out LOVE coffee. We don't have a damn clue what their logo fonts are but we stabbed at it a few times with Rosewood and Helvetica variations until it quit breathing. I'd say we got it pretty damn close for a bunch of beauty school drop outs.

If you're ever up in Duluth, head over to Superior street. Who knows - maybe sip around and find out.

What exactly is the Fresh Prints - you ask? Each week Giraffik selects a company to vamp on. We make whatever our tiny cold hearts desire and then we turn it out on it's ass to share with the world to see. We also forward a brick of prints along to the company we've selected just to spread the love.