Giraffik | Week 4 | Wilson & Willy's

Someone recommended we check out Wilson & Willy's so we cruised by late one night. All the doors and windows were locked. We fogged the glass windows with our noses but we could see all kinds of goods to add a little rep in yo step. The vibes coming through the window got the creativity bubbling so we thought we'd call upon the power of Giraffik to bring forth the flex.

Mohawk Antique Grey cover with cool grey 4 mixed down with a lump of transparent white. The score is crooked as shit at 7.5 degrees off center but you best believe it's 100% intentional. The purpose of the crooked score is to give a peek of the inside of the tag however when you flip it open - it was all a dream! (like when we used to read word-up magazine). Just a spot to indicate sizing.

 - These hang tags are so simple yet completely fresh as fvck.