Creative Services


Design & Production

Most common question; "Will you print other peoples work or just Giraffik stuff?"



Yes, we'll print your work and Yes, we will design something for you but we bring our own flex (style & perspective) to the project. Every designer says the same thing. They'll give you the same old stale line about how they want to help you increase your brand awareness or they're skills will help build your brand, blah blah, blah.

That's really not what's up here. We've got our own recipe for success and it's all about that flavor. Our design and creative process stems from a love for life and a deep working knowledge of different print processes. Whether you need screen printing, letterpress, packaging, product development, or chrome finishing, we've done it all and are down to help you and yours. 


if you wish to visit our DOjo of DEStruction, one must simply schedule an appointment.



standard print Equipment

Heidelberg Windmill 10×15 #1
Heidelberg Windmill 10×15 #2
Kluge Letterpress/die cut/foil press
10×15 C&P Letterpress
10×15 Foil Stamping press
7x10 Golding Treadle Press

23 x 28 Showcard "Full Sheet Signmaster" 
Hydraulic Stack Cutter
A2 Anderson-Vreeland Polymer Plate Maker
2 Digital Presses
Risograph - A
American Automated Screen Press
Misc Drills, Corner Rounders, Stitchers, Packing Equip.

Letterpress & Foil

Nothing says "oh snap!" like a crisp reflective foil finish. Our foil stamping service includes the use of only the BEST materials in the biz. We use thick copper foil dies which yield the absolute finest detail possible. Our quick release foils are supplied by a variety of US companies as well. This gives us the most versatile collection of foil colors and finishes at our creative disposal. Foil offers the option to add some trick elements too, you know. How about that gloss or uv coating? How about white foil? More examples of our foil work can be seen here.

Screen Printing & Risograph

Seriously - Who doesn't love a screen printed poster? We sure do. Our screen staff can bang out anything from a down and dirty event poster to a fine line 7-color department store installation. Need something designed for screen printing? Cool, we got you covered there too. Our experience and knowledge allows us to anticipate things like paper stretch and warp from ink floods or other inherent qualities of different substrates. When it comes to screen printing production, we've got the team, talent and the equipment to produce just about anything. See some examples here.



Along with our press abilities, we also offer a number of those hot finishing techniques. We offer folding and scoring along with die cutting and embossing. We also offer duplexing and edge painting. We've even offer edge gilding which is similar to a painted edge but instead of a paint, we use 18k -24k gold leaf. This process has taken a long time to develop but it is guaranteed to be unlike anything you've ever done before.



Not every job can be accomplished with a printing press and some ink. Occasionally we've worked on CAD and SOLID WORKS projects. We've built aluminum and bronze casting patterns. We've also helped create complete product assemblies including laser cutting, welding, commercial polishing and even chrome finishing. If you want to bring an idea to life, Giraffik knows all the right people.